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The Large Lucky #7 – January Edition

Dakota Whitney Mr Gay USofA At Large 2016
Dakota Whitney
Mr Gay USofA At Large 2016

Greetings everyone,

Welcome to 2017!  Another year has gone by and we are ready for a fresh start.  As I reflect on 2016, I have been truly blessed by winning my dream and cherishing all the memories that I’ve had with all my friends, family, and loved ones.  Remember never take anything for granted, love one another, and be kind to each other.  We only live once and we have to live it to the fullest.  Make every day great with your choices and make it like it’s your last day.  Let’s make 2017 a good one!

Looking forward to this year as I start booking preliminaries and talking to some of the contestants that will be competing this year.  I’m very excited to work with promoters and contestants.  I feel it in my spirit, it’s going to be a year leading up to the national contest.  You will not want to miss out.  Start getting ready guys for this year’s competition because it’s going to be awesome.
Remember be true to yourself and no matter what anyone tell you, you are special.  I’m sorry I didn’t have much to say this time around, but I feel this is a lot to take in.

I love each and every one of you till next time,

Dakota Whitney
Mr. Gay USofA at Large

The Large Lucky #7 – December Edition

Dakota Whitney
Dakota Whitney

Greetings Everyone,

Hope all is well and I hope this finds everyone in great health. The month of November was the month to be thankful. I was very thankful in a lot of ways.

Although it’s only been about a month and a half since I was named Mr. Gay USofA at Large, I have been very busy with work (I bartend 5 nights a week), doing shows with my fellow cast members at the Pegasus Nightclub, and sewing for other entertainer’s, I am very thankful for these opportunities in my life. A lot of things in life are taken for granted but as for myself, I’m very blessed with what has been placed in front of me. For that I’m thankful.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. I spend time with my family, friends, and love ones. But if you really know me, you know I really love to eat! What can I say, I am Mr. Gay USofA at Large! I have a reputation to up hold. If I am ever in your city or if you are in San An- tonio, TX, hit me up for break- fast, lunch, or dinner. I like snacks too! I am always up for it. You know big boys like to eat.

There are a lot of great things that are going to happen with the Mr. Gay USofA at Large division and I am extremely excited that I get to be a part of it! We have new preliminaries as well as some new faces (along with the old faces) joining us which I am very happy with. I am always looking for new ideas or ways to improve or that we can add to our division so if you have any ideas, information or even questions about the Mr. Gay USofA at Large, you are welcome to e-mail me ([email protected]), Facebook me, or contact me through Instagram and let me know what you think or what you would like to see. If you want to come to compete but you are scared, I am here and I am all ears! It is not just about me, it’s about US! That is what makes USofA such a great system! Continue reading The Large Lucky #7 – December Edition

The Large Lucky #7 – November Edition

Dakota Whitney Mr Gay USofA At Large 2016
Dakota Whitney
Mr Gay USofA At Large 2016

Well I finally can say I made this dream of mine reality!

After 7 years attempting I am YOUR Mr.

Gay USofA at Large. WOW it feels AMAZ- ING! I have followed the Mr. Gay USofA at Large division since the beginning and I am very honored to be able to contribute back as your reining Mr. Gay USofA at Large.

My experience to the medallion this year was EVERYTHING! I am extremely excited to start my reign and work with Mr. Craig Henderson, the National Promoter, all of the USofA staff and of course all the promoters and contestants. Let’s work together to build this year into a unforgettable year! I would like to thank all of my “Team Whitney” for the unconditionally love and support that you all have showed me through this journey as well as the many years of competing to get here. To my “showbar” The Pegasus of San Antonio – Thank You for giving me a place to better my craft and build myself into the entertainer that I am today. Thank you to all my family and friends for all you have done for me.

To all my Mr. Gay USofA at Large contestants who competed with me you all were amazing and make sure to NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams!

Thank you to David Bridgman for always supporting my career and becoming my regional promoter the day before nationals!

I look forward to working alongside all the reigning USofA Royal Court and making this year a memorable one! Continue reading The Large Lucky #7 – November Edition