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Victoria’s Vignette – November Edition

Victoria Rios Miss USofA Diva 2016
Victoria Rios
Miss USofA Diva 2016

Welcome in friends and family! It’s that time of year again. The leaves continue to change into the warmth of reds, oranges, and yellows. The evenings are getting a bit chillier, the events continue to multiply, and pageant season is in full swing!

Though I live my life, year round, with gratitude in my heart, this time of the year sparks an extra special time to remember to give thanks.

Give thanks to your friends, your family, your loving fans, and your nation. We have a cornucopia of pageants just underway, and I cannot wait to report to everyone as the year progresses. In the meantime, this is an election year, and we have duties as citizens to embark upon. I was brought up to keep politics private, and I will continue to do so, but please remember the pride and appreciation we had in our hearts on Marriage Equality Day. Please remember the lives we lost in Orlando, and the way our LGBT community worked together (and continue to do so) for our fallen. I implore you to think about our rights as a queer community when you go to place your vote. Ladies, it really hasn’t been that long since we’ve gained our right to vote. Vote for human decency. Vote because you can. Because you should. Because you’re an American, and it’s not only your right, but it’s your duty. Please remember Susan B. Anthony and the other women who have paved our way.

We can never know their torments for the opportunities we’ve been afforded.

Onto other business, I’d really like to congratulate Kane Connors and Michael LaMasters on their exceptional reigns as Mr. Gay USofA at Large and Mr. Gay USofA. You two have been amazing role models for not only your contestants, but your brothers and sisters, as well. These are incredible shoes to fill, but I’ve no doubt that Dakota Whitney, your newly crowned Mr. Gay USofA at Large and Desi Andrews, your newly crowned Mr. Gay USofA will withstand their administrative duties with ease. Congratulations to you two, and welcome to the court! Craig Henderson, I’d like to thank you again for inviting me to attend and perform during final night. It was such an honor, and my sincere pleasure. To all the contestants I got to speak with many of you, and I’m very confident in the plans you’ve all made for future endeavors with USofA next year. It’s always inspiring to attend a pageant with so many creative people working with one another to better themselves as humans through their art. To have art as a platform to tell your story is to live and breathe. Continue reading Victoria’s Vignette – November Edition

Abs-olutely! – November Edition

Abs Hart Mister USofA MI 2016
Abs Hart
Mister USofA MI 2016

October has been an incredible month! Extremely busy, but I’ve definitely gotten more of a taste of title holder life. It only goes by faster from here!

First, let me update you on the epic events from this month. I got the first two weeks off from traveling and drag completely and was able to spend time at home with my partner, and catch up on my piles of laundry, as well as a little costume creating. The first big event of the month was Mister Georgia USofA MI and Mister Georgia USofA MI Classic. Valentino and I went on a whirlwind 24-hour trip to Atlanta. Thanks to Owen McCord and Devin Liquor for putting on a wonderful pageant, and ensuring Val and I made it safely to and from our amazing hotel! Also, congratulations to your new Mister Georgia USofA MI, Jordan Michaels McCord, and his 1 st Alternate Hawk Taylor! The Classic boys also put on a wonderful show, with Syr Kam’ron taking the title, and Rocky Valentino winning 1 st Alternate. #teamPeach will not be playing this year, folks, so get ready for a show!

About 4 days after arriving back in Little Rock, the Royal Couple and I headed for Dallas to attend final night of the Mr. Gay USofA Contest. We got to be a part of Michael LaMasters’ opening number, and enjoy the incredible competition that night. Congratulations to Desi Andrews on capturing the title and joining the court for the year! We did not get to attend Mr. Gay USofA at Large earlier in the week, but again, a huge congrats to Kane Connors on his year, and a big welcome to the family to Dakota Whitney (his costumes are everything)!

After crowning, we turned right around and headed back to Little Rock for the Mister Arkansas USofA MI prelim. The competition that night was incredible. I was so proud of all 3 boys, I wanted to cry watching them leave their hearts on the stage. Marco Del Gatto made the decision to send all 3 MI boys to nationals, with D’angelo as your new Mister Arkansas USofA MI, Chase Sky as 1 st Alternate, and Scrappy as 2 nd Alternate! In an awesome turn of events, the outgoing Mister Arkansas, Beau Davis, had a family member compete for the classic division his own mother. Luke Davis ended up winning the title of Mister Arkansas USofA MI Classic on his first time ON THE STAGE. With Beau already qualified for nationals as this year’s 1 st Alternate, we may have our first parent and child competing together in Ohio. Continue reading Abs-olutely! – November Edition

Val’s Views – November Edition

Valentino Rios Mister USofA MI Classic 2016
Valentino Rios
Mister USofA MI Classic 2016

Hello, everybody!

Time certainly flies when you are having fun, and I’m having a blast! October was an amazing month and I’m excited to see what November brings. I was honored to attend final night of Mr. Gay USofA.

Thank you to Craig Henderson for inviting me, and congratulations to you and your staff on an excellent week of pageantry. The entire Top 12 were outstanding, but as we all know only one can be crowned. Congratulations to Desi M. Andrews, Mr. Gay USofA 2016. Earlier in the week, Mr. Gay USofA at Large was also held. Dakota Whitney qualified by winning Mr. Gay Southern States USofA At Large. Then the very next day, he turned around and won Mr. Gay USofA At Large. What an incredible two days for him. Congratulation Dakota and enjoy your reign! Desi and Dakota, welcome to the family. Also, one final congratulations to Michael LaMasters and Kane Connors on outstanding reigns!

Mister USofA MI Classic prelim season heated up in October. Owen McCord and Devin Liquor hosted the Mister Georgia USofA MI Classic adding two more qualified contestants. Mister Georgia USofA MI Classic, Syr KamRon Buchanan and his 1 st Alt, Rocky Valentino put on a show. My Sister’s Room in Atlanta was a so much fun. I met so many wonderful people and saw others that I haven’t seen in years. It was a great night and a well-run prelim. Great job Owen and Devin! Rounding out the month, Marco DelGatto and Drew Samuelson hosted Mister Arkansas USofA MI Classic. Mister Arkansas USofA MI Classic, Luke Davis and his 1 st Alt, Isaiah Knyte, both left their hearts on the stage. The Triniti crowd in Little Rock was fantastic. Getting to have a prelim in your home bar is an amazing and humbling experience. Well done, Marco and Drew! KamRon, Rocky, Luke, and Isaiah congratulations on earning your tickets to Nationals. I look forward to seeing what you all bring to Ohio. #TeamPeach and #TeamArkansas added some great members to their respective teams! Continue reading Val’s Views – November Edition

The Large Lucky #7 – November Edition

Dakota Whitney Mr Gay USofA At Large 2016
Dakota Whitney
Mr Gay USofA At Large 2016

Well I finally can say I made this dream of mine reality!

After 7 years attempting I am YOUR Mr.

Gay USofA at Large. WOW it feels AMAZ- ING! I have followed the Mr. Gay USofA at Large division since the beginning and I am very honored to be able to contribute back as your reining Mr. Gay USofA at Large.

My experience to the medallion this year was EVERYTHING! I am extremely excited to start my reign and work with Mr. Craig Henderson, the National Promoter, all of the USofA staff and of course all the promoters and contestants. Let’s work together to build this year into a unforgettable year! I would like to thank all of my “Team Whitney” for the unconditionally love and support that you all have showed me through this journey as well as the many years of competing to get here. To my “showbar” The Pegasus of San Antonio – Thank You for giving me a place to better my craft and build myself into the entertainer that I am today. Thank you to all my family and friends for all you have done for me.

To all my Mr. Gay USofA at Large contestants who competed with me you all were amazing and make sure to NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams!

Thank you to David Bridgman for always supporting my career and becoming my regional promoter the day before nationals!

I look forward to working alongside all the reigning USofA Royal Court and making this year a memorable one! Continue reading The Large Lucky #7 – November Edition

The Year of Purpose – November Edition

Desi Andrews
Desi Andrews

Hello Integrity Readers,

My name is Desi M. Andrews and I would like to introduce myself by sharing a little about my journey to Mr. Gay USofA.

I’ve been a male entertainer for about 4 years. I started performing in clubs that would give me a chance to be creative and show off my talents in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The first male entertainer that I was so intrigued and mesmerized by was Jordan Mathews, former Mr. Gay Texas USofA from El Paso, Texas. When I first started performing he was the one that I would ask for advice and guidance. Speed up about a year, my first Mr. Gay USofA contest when Christopher Iman won in 2013. I was just blown away from all the competition and all the talent! From that moment, I fell in love with this system and I had to be part of it. But, you just have to love the way the universe works because little did I know, my husband was in Jordan Mathews talent. We met very briefly that night but I had a goal to compete with the Texas boys, so I set my goal and the only contest that was open was Mr. Texas Hotbody. Unfortunately, I didn’t win that night but the best thing that came out of the trip was I got to spend more time with the love of my life. After that night at the contest, we stayed in contact till the next opportunity that we had to see each other again, which was Mr. Gay Texas USofA when Micheal LaMasters won in 2014.

After spending that week with Manny and Alyssa, I knew that we couldn’t be separated from one another for a long period of time. I made the biggest decision of my life to move to San Antonio, Texas with them both. That was the best decision I have ever made! Alyssa and I were seriously attached at the hip. At this moment after a marriage, him competing my eyes were set on Mr. Gay Texas USofA. That was my first year in the USofA system. I competed at Mr. Gay Texas USofA twice. My first year I placed 3 rd runner with a ton of small issues doing an Aladdin remake. My second year I got 1 st runner up doing a hip hop dance mix, Asian inspired. But within those two years I learned so much. I educated myself about the system. I learned from my mistakes and applied it to my first year at Mr. Gay USofA. When I was on that stage at Mr. Gay Texas USofA holding that plaque that said, 1 st runner-up I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t be holding anything below 1st runner up! So, for the next four months I worked really hard on making sure I had the right mix, had the right dancers, and booking myself throughout Texas to be more comfortable on stage. I worked hard on getting benefit shows together. As we all know, doing a pageant is not cheap. But at the end of the day I just didn’t want to disappoint the people that believed in me and that took the time to come to the shows and tip me, to the performers that took the time to do a number at my benefit show or my sponsors (Club 212, The Hidden Door, The Recovery Room, Vinny, & The Pegasus) and my team (Victor, Diego, Tony, Maryoh, Jonah, Crystal Lauren, Sasha Andrews, Rita Andrews, Janet Andrews & Sasha Lauren). But most of all, not to disappoint the two people that mean the most to me, Alyssa and my husband Manny. Because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today! Mr. Gay USofA 2016.

My experience there was so amazing. Everyone was so nice to me and so welcoming. It was my first year at nationals and I was scared but I knew I had my Texas USofA family. So I had to stop, relax, and say a little prayer. If this was meant to be then let it happen. From that point on I just had fun, did what I went to do. Show everyone what hard work, being yourself and consistency can get you!

I seriously had the best time of my life at Mr. Gay USofA and I am ready to get this year started! I hope to see everyone out with a drink in your hand and a smile on your face and ready for an amazing show!


Desi M. Andrews Mr. Gay USofA

Desi Andrews and Aurora Sexton
Desi Andrews and Aurora Sexton
Mr Gay USofA 2016 Formers
Mr Gay USofA 2016 Formers
Mr Gay USofA 2016 Top Five
Mr Gay USofA 2016 Top Five
Mr Gay USofA 2016 Royalty
Mr Gay USofA 2016 Royalty

Miss Gay USofA at Large 2016 Recap

Miss Gay USofA At Large 2016 Crowning
Miss Gay USofA At Large 2016 Crowning

By Jeremy Burnette

Miss Gay USofA at Large 2016, honoring Miss Gay USofA At Large Ka’aliyah McKim Diamond, was held September 20-23 at AXIS Nightclub in Columbus, OH. Twenty-two lovely and talented young ladies battled fiercely for the title, but Sasha Lauren of Dallas, TX was undeniable on her way to capturing the crown.

The week began with an amazing Stars of the USofA Show starring numerous Miss Gay USofA at Large formers, representatives of the current USofA Court, and special guests. From the comedic talents of Carmella Marcella Garcia, the live vocal stylings of Denise Russell, the glamour of Chelsea Pearl, the grace of Victoria LePaige, and the energy of Jacqueline St. James, the AXIS crowd was educated on exactly what old-school drag is and why it will never die. The Dancing Divas were also there in full force as Kelexis Davenport’s candor and wit entertained the crowd on the microphone and Kathryn York (Happy 10 th Anniversary!), Desiree DeMornay, Dorae Saunders, Angelica Sanchez, and Ka’aliyah McKim Dia- mond left it all on the stage. It was a great night for the contestants to mingle and witness the amazing legacy of USofA at Large.

The contestants competed in Personal Interview with the Judges as well as Preliminary Talent and Evening Gown before our Top 12 was named on Friday. In what has got to be a first in the USofA System, four contest- ants swept all categories in the preliminary group awards. They were Alyssa Nicole Whitney, Sasha Adams, Chy’enne Valentino, and Sasha Lauren. Continue reading Miss Gay USofA at Large 2016 Recap

Vanity’s Fair – November Edition

Vanity St. James
Vanity St. James

Hello beautiful people of the USofA!

Mr. Gay USofA At Large and Mr. Gay USofA marked the last two national pageants to complete the 2016 National Court. So, congratulations to the newly sashed Mr. Gay USofA at Large, Dakota Whitney, and Mr. Gay USofA, Desi M. Andrews; welcome to the family. I cannot wait to work with both of you this year!

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Miss Gay America this year, as I had a mini family emergency (all is well, now). Congratulations Asia on such a fantastic reign. I want to congratulate Suzy Wong on capturing her dream. I also want to congratulate Rob and Michael on such a smooth transition of ownership. I wish you three the best this year and cannot wait to see you all again, soon.

This month marks the start of the #RoadToNewcomer Preliminary Season.

November 5 th we are having Miss Gay Illinois USofA Newcomer honoring Makenna Michaels at Club Station House in Springfield, Illinois. The contest starts at 10PM and I hope to see you there. The next prelim this month will be Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA Newcomer on November 20th . This prelim is a triple crowning for Classic, at Large, and Newcomer, so you will not want to miss it. This prelim will be held at LaCage Niteclub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 8PM. I urge everyone that attends to take a lot of photographs and hashtag them #RoadToNewcomer.

I am sure that we have gotten the hang of what I’m doing with my Integrity articles but for those just joining us, I am providing my readers will tips for success. Last month we covered learning from every opportunity, good or bad. Snowballing off of that topic, this month is about respect. My upbringing in the drag world was not a very uplifting and “Woo Rah” experience. There was a complete lack of respect for me as a new queen. Even though I was always respectful and cordial to my fellow queens, they did not reciprocate. In addition to respecting the person we should also always be respectful of their property. Simply because I may not have 5 years of experience in drag does not mean that my drag is any less valuable or respectable. Therefore, as a drag community we need to start respecting each other for who we are and the drag that we do. Often times we forget that reading and disrespecting each other makes our entire community look bad. Unfortunately, this is not something that will change overnight. All I am asking is that we put as much effort into respecting each other as we do into reading each other.

Although you may not see it, respect can go a long way. It can determine whether you will be booked in that show again. It can form a promoter’s opinion of you. It can really make or break your BRAND. Many of you know that I am a huge fan of pneumonics and so it is no surprise I have one regarding one’s BRAND.

B: Be You

R: Respect everyone

A: Be Ambitious

N: Never Give Up

D: Develop Yourself

The B stands for Be You. Individuality is often very difficult to find in the pageant circuit because we are often trying to emulate an idol or successful role model. However, we must remember that the panel of judges is looking at what YOU can do, not what can you recreate. The R stands for Respect Everyone. Kind of a no-brainer but just be respectful and kill the haters with kindness. A represents being Ambitious. If you want to grow and be successful in this business you must be ambitious in some form. I am not saying you HAVE to compete for pageants but strive to be the best you while embracing your drag. If you want to be the queen that lipsyncs in a handstand, work on your handstands so that they’re perfect! The N is probably one of the most important. Never give up. This does mean to continue fighting for your dream even when you may not have made the cut. This also means never give up on those around you. This goes out to the seasoned queens that cannot be bothered to help a new girl out. You can read a girl all day, but you could also help that same girl with those things you’re reading her for.

Lastly, the big D (HAHAHA). As entertainers we must always develop ourselves. We should never remain stagnant for then our brand becomes old.

This message on branding also goes out to promoters, as well show directors. When you book a girl, you are expecting them to show up on time, be respectful to your other performers and give their performance(s) their all. So promoters and show directors remember that when you pay a sloppy, late performer, you are encouraging them to remain as they are. Stayed tuned for next month as we recap Miss Gay Illinois USofA Newcomer and Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA Newcomer!!


Vanity St. James

Miss Gay USofA Newcomer

Beading with Ms. Lauren – November Edition

Sasha Lauren
Sasha Lauren

As we come to the end of October I am so happy to say how amazing our USofA supporters have been towards me. I had the opportunity to travel the state of Texas from Corpus Christi and San Antonio then Houston and back to Dallas for the Mr. Gay USofA at Large and Mr. Gay USofA Contests.

Congrats to my very good friend Michael LaMasters on an amazing year. You truly were an amazing titleholder. Craig Henderson WOW what a amazing week. It was so competitive. You were blessed to have such an amazing turn out. Thank you for bringing Mr. Gay USofA at Large and Mr. Gay USofA to Dallas, TX and for allowing me to be a part of this amazing week. Congratulations to Desi M Andrews, you did it friend. Now get ready to put in the work because is going to be a long, long journey.

Congratulations also to Mr. Gay USofA at Large Dakota Whitney! You are my king again! We are going to have a blast this year. You finally did it friend. I know this was something that was deep in your heart and I know how happy you are.

My year is starting so fast. I am scared that it will be gone soon. I am looking forward to my 1 st preliminary Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA at Large, November 20 th at LaCage Nightclub in Milwaukee, WI. I hope to see everyone out to support not only the at Large division but also the Classic and Newcomer divisions.

Until next month,

With Love,

Sasha Lauren

Miss Gay USofA at Large

Love, Kindness and Tolerance – November Edition

Nancy Taylor
Nancy Taylor

Greetings everyone,

October was a really busy month! Not only because I celebrated 50 (some) years of life, but I am extremely happy to continue to be able to work with some amazing entertainers in this industry.

Beginning with the first of October I was asked to join some of the top at a Miss Gay Texas Reunion Show. It’s was an amazing and unforgettable night and I got to see many of my old friends. Even though I was extremely busy in my personal life, I was able to spend time recruiting new promoters. Hopefully they all join the USofA Classic family. If you know anyone that would like to join our Classic division don’t hesitate to contact us!

In the middle of October we headed to Dallas, Texas to say good bye to Michael and Kane, and welcome two new jewels to the USofA Family. Our family is now complete again and I can’t wait to hit the road with all of them. It’s hard for me to say goodbye to someone so special. Michael LaMasters you have not only been an inspiration but a great mentor to many of us! Congratulations on a really successful reign. You broke the records! Never in history have we had so many contestants you left some big shoes to fill. I’m so happy for you and good luck in everything you do in life. I Love You. I would like to welcome our new Mr. Gay USofA Desi M. Andrews. You have grown so much in just a few years and I couldn’t be any happier that we get to share this journey. I’m sure your year would be a complete success.

At Mr. Gay USofA, I got to experience the family bond that we have created. It made me emotional but at the same time so happy. I got know my dear sister Aurora Sexton a little more as well as all as my brothers and sisters.

I also want to welcome Dakota Whitney our new Mr. Gay USofA at Large. If there is anything I can do for you, feel free to ask. It was sad that we had to say goodbye to someone that is a really special individual, he is not only caring and loving but he is a great friend. I will miss you Kane Connors. I love you for life and good luck in everything you do! Continue reading Love, Kindness and Tolerance – November Edition

USofAurora – November Edition

Aurora Sexton Halloween
Aurora Sexton Halloween

As we bid farewell to the magic of Halloween we can all breathe a sigh of relief that in a few days this crazy rollercoaster of an election will finally be over and we can return to our normal daily lives. Make sure to do your part to get the results and people you want in office. Exercise your right to vote!

I want to say a HUGE thank you for all the messages, likes, shares and com- ments I have received about my new documentary series US of Aurora. If you haven’t checked it out, please subscribe to my youtube channel for former and current episodes and download the MOOVZ app today to add your USofA pageant pictures to my photo carousel!


I want to say the biggest thank you to all my friends at MOOVZ, Brad Hammer, Jerry Bird, my USofA Pageants family and all who have appeared or participated. It means a lot and I’m beyond grateful to all of you!

October kicked off with Miss Gay America just up the road in Memphis, TN. Asia O’Hara put on a fabulous performance and had a top 12 of fabulous entertainers culminating in the crowning of the new Miss Gay America, Nashville’s own Suzy Wong! Side story When I moved to Nashville, I was told the place I was moving into wouldn’t be ready for a month 2 days before I was to move in. Without ever meeting me, Suzy welcomed me into her beautiful home as a guest until I had a place of my own. That’s the kind of person she is and will be for MGA. Congrats again lady!

USofA Pageants also held 2 of its national contests, Mr. Gay USofA at Large and Mr. Gay USofA in Dallas, TX crowning Dakota Whitney and Desi Andrews! I’m so excited to hit the road with these guys! I was so happy I could be a part of Michael LaMasters final night and spend some time with my USofA family. Thank you to Craig Henderson for having me and the ladies of the Rose Room at S4 for a fun filled week end. Congrats to all the men that competed all week everyone did a wonderful job.

Continue reading USofAurora – November Edition